Search relevance

When you do a keyword search:

  1. Results get weight points per keyword match for specific content types (eg. a product title match or a contributor name match)
  2. Points are accumulative and result in the total weight. You can have multiple matches. For example, a keyword search for ‘Feeding Carroll’ will give you points for both the contributor match and the title match.
  3. Exact matches get more points than a partial match an inverse match. An inverse match is when you, for example change the word order of the title
  4. Books within the result set get boost points for certain items of a book:
    1. The publication date, more recent gets more points, key authors
    2. Key authors, the publisher can share a set of authors which receive more points
    3. Books with get points for each format → more is better.
    4. Books with get points for each review → more is better.
    5. Books with get points for each asset → more is better.
    6. Books with get points for each award → more is better.
    7. Books can get positive boost points or a negative penalty when there is a cover present or when there is one absent
  5. Results are ordered by weight size, so results with higher points appear higher in the result, this order is called relevance

Default weight points are:

  • Contributor Name : 300 points
  • Product Title : 100 points
  • Product Subtitle : 50 points
  • Product Description : 1 point
  • Series Name : 300 points
  • Category : 10 points