Loyalty Program FAQ

How do you define a semester?

We divide the year into three semesters: fall (August to December), spring (January to early May), and summer (mid-May, June, and July). If your institution operates on a different schedule, we ask that you select the category during which your course begins. Choosing the appropriate semester helps us anticipate and guarantee available stock.

If I refer a friend, how do you know?

If you refer a friend, with their permission, please provide us with the person’s name and email address. We will contact them directly to verify everything for our records. After we receive their confirmation, your points will appear.

Can I get any book I want when I redeem my free book(s) perk? What’s included?

Yes! However, you cannot get multiple copies of the same book.

To what does free shipping apply as a Gold level member?

You receive free Media Mail shipping within the USA on any order from www.baylorpress.com.

How long can I keep my status? For example, if my course is offered every two years, do I lose my membership?

You can keep your membership as long as you are active. If you do not accumulate points for a full year, then you will become an inactive member. Your points will depreciate by half with every year of inactivity. Purchasing a single book for your personal library will keep your membership active and maintain your points level.

Do points expire?

No, but your points will depreciate by half with every year of inactivity.

What are bonus points?

Periodically, the Loyalty Program may offer bonus points as an incentive to select members. During the promotional period, when you purchase one of our featured books online, you will receive the standard 15 points for the transaction as well as extra points based on the terms of the promotion. Promotions will often have offers or challenges that are specific to a member’s preferences, so you may see promotions with details that are specific to you.

Why didn’t I get that promotional offer?

We want to provide you with promotions and offers that are tailored for your individual experience. So, the specifics of our offers, promotions, and coupons vary by customer.

I bought a Baylor University Press book. How can I claim my points?

Simply email [email protected] with a copy of your receipt, and we’ll make sure the points get added. Books purchased prior to membership in the Loyalty Program do not count towards your points.

I should have more points than my account shows. Where are they?

Points can take 4–6 weeks to post to your account. If you are concerned that points were not processed for you, just let us know ([email protected]).