• The process of creating & managing journals is similar to creating & managing pages

Step 1

Create a new journal

Step 2

Enter ‘Main Info’ in ‘Journal Fields’

  • ‘Title’ is the main title of your journal
Title Backend
Title Backend

  • ‘Subtitle’ displays under your Title, and can be used to provide a brief description
    • Your Subtitle shows both on the Journals listing page and on the journal’s specific page
Subtitle Backend
Subtitle Frontend

  • ‘Editor(s)’ – here you may list the journal’s editors.
    • Editors only shows on the journal’s specific page, and does not show on your parent ‘Journals’ listing page
    • Separate each name with a comma
Editor(s) Backend
Editor(s) Frontend

  • ‘Journal Description’ – here you may provide an in-depth description of your journal
    • This description only shows on the journal’s specific page, and does not show on your parent ‘Journals’ listing page
Journal Description Backend
Journal Description Frontend

  • ISSN
    • Unlike an ISBN, an ISSN refers to mutliple titles, and therefore is used for Journal
    • In WordPress, ‘ISSN’ refers to a set of physical titles

  • eISSN
    • This refers to a set of digital titles

  • Frequency
    • Enter here how regularly your Journal is update

  • Keywords
    • Entering as many relevant Keywords as possible will help users find your content
    • Separate each entry with a comma

  • First Issue
    • Enter here when your Journal was first released

Step 3

Enter ‘Tabs’ in ‘Journal Fields’

Your Journal’s ‘Tabs’ allow you to enter extensive information on aspects of the journal

On the frontend, Tabs show on the Journal’s specific page, below its ‘Journal Fields’ information

  • ‘Editorial Details’

  • ‘Submission Info’

  • ‘Publication Ethics’

  • ‘Subscribe’

  • ‘Recommend / Reviews’

  • ‘Abstract & Index’

  • ‘Additional Information’

Step 4

Enter ‘Button Links’ in ‘Journal Fields’

  • Journal ‘Button Links’ create hyperlinked text below your Journal’s image
  • These can link to either internal or external sites
  1. Click on ‘Button Links’ within ‘Journal Fields’
  2. Make sure that the ‘Show Button Links’ button is set to ‘Yes’
  3. Either add a new link by clicking ‘Add Row’, or edit an existing link by clicking its pencil icon
  4. Enter the URL you want the hyperlink to direct to
  5. Enter your ‘Link Text’ – the text that the user will see
  6. Select whether clicking the link will open a new tab or not
Backend Overview
Backend Detailed

Step 5

Make sure you Update/Publish/Save your work once you’ve finished