• Widgets are interchangeable elements of your site which can be easily added to certain pages – primarily sidebars
  • The contents of a Widget Menu (such as ‘Navigation Menu’) can be edited in the next section of this manual, Menus
  • You can allocate desired Widgets to your Sidebars and Search header
  • These Widgets will then show on every relevant frontend page

Step 1

Navigate to the Widgets subsection, under Appearance

Step 2

You can now see the Widgets overlay, which should look something like this:

Steps 3,4,5 & 6

Drag desired Widgets onto Sidebars/Search header

Give your Widget a title

Select number of posts shown (if required)

Save your Widget addition

For our example, we are choosing which Widgets to show on every Blog/News/Post page

Step 7

Now that you have saved your progress, you can review your frontend page

Our ‘Recent Posts’ Widget is now correctly showing in our News Sidebar