About The Loyalty Program

Get rewards for adopting textbooks!

You are invited to join our Loyalty Program when you adopt any of our books for any of your classes. For every semester you use a BUP text in a course―whether it’s the same text or a different one―we want to show our gratitude.

Our loyalty program operates on a points system. There are three ways for you to earn points:

Adopting a book: 50+ points
You will receive 50 points for each class in which the book is being used. If there are more than 50 students in the course, you will receive points equal to the number of students enrolled in the course
Referring someone to a BUP book: 25 points
To receive these points, we must have confirmation that the book you referred has been adopted
Buying a BUP book: 15 points
To receive these points, we must have a receipt of your purchase

There are three levels in our Loyalty Program. You move to the next level by accumulating points, and your perks increase with each new level.

Welcome Level―50

To earn your first rewards, adopt a Baylor University Press book for a course and let us know!

  • Extra 5% off at conferences
  • Your students get 25% off the textbooks at baylorpress.com
  • Tailored Subject Area Emails and Early Alerts (be sure to opt in)
Green Level―150 Points

All of the Welcome Level perks plus

  • One free book of your choice every year of active membership
Gold Level―400 Points

All of the Welcome Level perks plus

  • Two free books of your choice every year of active membership
  • Free Shipping

You are invited to join. Here’s how to maintain your membership:

Adopt a textbook and let us know by filling out our sign-up form. Then, email us a copy of the current course syllabus each semester (by September 15th for fall semesters, February 15th for spring semesters, and June 1st for Summer semesters).

If we do not hear from a member for a year, the member becomes inactive and does not receive membership benefits. Points will depreciate by half with every year of inactivity.

Visit our FAQ page for more clarification or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions!

Baylor University Press reserves the right to terminate the program at any time, without notice to you; restrict, suspend, extend, or otherwise alter the Program (or any aspects thereof), without notice to you; and/or, revise these Terms. If, in the opinion of Baylor University Press, you abuse any of the program privileges or breach any of these Terms, Baylor University Press may revoke your membership, without notice to you, and cancel any reward points that you have accumulated.