Content marketing vs native advertising: For publishers, what’s the difference?

The relationship between consumers and advertisers has hit an all-time low. Today, according to eMarketer’s latest study, one in four Americans block ads, which amounts to a number larger than 70 million users – and that’s just in the US.

In other parts of the world, the story is almost the same. People have grown tired of aggressive marketing tactics, so they have decided to put up a wall and distance themselves from lazy and uninspiring advertisements.

This, of course, has a lot of negative repercussions for publishers. Regardless of the business model they’ve opted for, most publishers still run ads. A noticeable portion of their overall revenue is still made through selling premium real estate on their pages. Even though most publishers now try to be frank and creative when it comes to asking people to pause their ad blocking devices, a lot of them still struggle to get readers to comply.