Supafolio Retailer Links

  • This tool allows you to create and manage third party e-commerce retailer links
  • You can apply this to either book format types or to specific ISBNs

Step 1

Navigate to the Supafolio Retailer Links listing in WordPress

Step 2

Click the ‘Add New Links’ button. Now you’ll see the Add New Links page where you can create and detail your links.

Step 3

Enter link title

  • This cannot be seen by the customer, and is just a point of reference for you
We have chosen ‘Hardback & Paperback’ on this example

Step 4

Choose your book format(s) and/or ISBN(s)

  • To use book formats, choose ‘Format’ from the ‘Override retailer links by ISBN or Format?’ dropdown
  • To use individual ISBN(s), choose ‘ISBN’ from the dropdown
    • This allows you to show Buy Buttons on individual title sites
    • Entering buy buttons for an individual ISBN does not override any buttons already set at format level
    • If using multiple ISBNs, separate each set of numbers with a comma
In this example, our commerce links will show on all books formatted as Hardcover and/or Paperback

Step 5

Create your Buy Buttons

  • This is where we choose which ecommerce links to display for the chosen book format/ISBNs
  • This step deploys a simple line of code to help us create the lin
  1. Label your buy button
  • This is what the button will display on your site

2. Enter your link with code

  1. You can add dynamic values using the following short-tags: {{isbn13}} = ISBN13 {{isbn10}} = ISBN10 {{seo}} = Book Title in SEO format
  2. Different sites use different types of search methods
  3. Therefore, we need to first discover which value the third party site uses so that we can enter the correct code
  4. For example, we can tell that you can use an ISBN13 value in Amazon, because searching the number itself in Amazon’s search engine produces the correct title
  5. We can therefore use {{isbn13}} for our buy button link
  6. Our buy button link for Amazon will therefore read:{{isbn13}}

Step 6


  • If you have filled in the correct details, every Hardcover and Paperback book page on your site will have a buy button labelled as ‘Amazon’, which when clicked will take the customer to the correct page on Amazon
  • In this example, we’ve just used Amazon as our third party – but you can use any number of ecommerce sites
Frontend – note the Amazon Buy Button at the bottom